When I woke up today,

    I was feeling incredibly nervous and my mind was in such a negative state. This is only because I have so much work to complete by Monday morning, in such little time. 
Considering I woke up just before lunch (12pm), I decided to quickly have some breakfast & get ready to start my day. 

One thing that made me feel 110% better, is that my outfit was spot on. I'm such a typical girl, I know - but we can all agree that those random days when you throw on an outfit and it looks more than good, we can't help but feel very accomplished. 

I then started some work downstairs once I was ready, then my mother and I went into our local town to get some of my art supplies and other bits and bobs. I mention this because after we got our stuff we went for some coffee at Café Rouge. I've never been before, I honestly do not know why, it's literally got the perfect French setting, the coffee was great, and I even got a small caesar salad as I was slightly peckish. My mum and I sat outside, as the weathers been rather warm and lovely today and drank away. This calmed me down so much and helped me relaxed and get my mind in order. 

Right now I am back at home, after quickly visiting our friends shop down the road, where I got myself some patterned trousers as a treat, and I am now writing this post, drinking my Your Tea, waiting for my lovely Emma to come and help me with my work, and for a long needed catch-up. 

It wasn't the most interesting day to document! But I still thought I'd share it with you, as it kind of gives you an example of how I try to keep my chin up, when I wake up not feeling 100%. 

Au revoir!