"You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore."

- Christopher Columbus, brainy quotes

With quotes everyone interprets and looks at them in different ways, and there isn't necessarily a right or wrong opinion. I looked up this quote to see other peoples opinions etc, and I honestly got just a little confused, because apparently this quote is from a story, or a book of some sort. I'm not entirely sure, so I'm purely looking at this as a single quote with a hidden meaning. 
I fall in love with any quote that mentions sun, sea, or anything related to that kind of thing! Probably because of my crazy interest in Mermaids etc... Nice little fact about me there, but anyhow the way I think of this quote, or the meaning I feel it's trying to show, is that if you always desire to be safe with, for example a career route if you don't take risks, you'll never make mistakes and learn for the better, or you might miss an exciting, different opportunity.