Now where on banana island has 2014 gone... that year just flew by I feel it never even happened! I would do a re-cap of my year, if more interesting things had happened, the main event of 2014, was probably Barcelona and my 18th birthday. So there you go. Har har.

The end of my 2014 got me reflecting about a lot of things, and then thinking about the silly things, like worrying about going back to College and feeling the need that you must re-invent yourself for the new year -- and then there was me also thinking about the future more than the past. Where do I see myself in 6-  12 months time? When I finish College, do I get a job? Travel? Rest? How am I going to commit to my blog and finish College with good grades? 
I had a great Christmas and New Year break, I spent it with family relaxing [& sleeping]. 
And now I feel I have entered 2015 with a fresh mindset. A motivated happy one. Time will only tell how long that'll last, but then I am the one who needs to get into a routine of balance between priorities, and I also need to make sure I take time for myself as well.

I am going to work my ass off for College, getting things done early rather than later... and literally allocate timings to work on my blog, I'm not going to make any promises for what you can expect from me this year, but to put it vaguely, it'll be surrounding health, lifestyle, fashion & travel. How I'm going to combine them, and make them specific, instead of quite random... well I'm still working on that, but what I can promise you is I am really going to try this year to make my blog something you can really enjoy.

So I am going to shut up now, and get on with what this post is really about!

OH & happy new year!

New years resolutions... I find they're more of a to-do list, rather than specific goals you want to achieve. I also find myself writing a few to many down, so this year I only wrote 2.
1. Be happy for you.
2. Healthy lifestyle.

Good news! 4 days into the year and I'm still sticking with them! The reason being healthy has been pretty straightforward is because I've surrounded myself with good food, and active activities.

One example could be the fact I bought a Morphy Richards blender! So I've been indulging in health drinks and smoothies for the last day.

I'm no expert with smoothies or health drinks but I hope I will be one day.
This basic smoothie I made this morning, which I call Berry nice smoothie, [get the pun? ha]-
is made up of:

1/2 banana
Tbsp of honey
2 tbsp of milk

Very simple. All you do - put it in the blender. Then it's done!

The smoothie is a nice thick texture, resulting in your feeling quite full, so you don't feel peckish and snack on unnecessary foods. It's also long-lasting, by that I mean it's not a drink that just disappears after 5/10 minutes, so you can indulge on this berry heaven for a while!

Is your new years resolution to be healthy or have an all round healthy lifestyle?
If it is you are in luck. I will be posting 1 or 2 smoothie recipes each week. Sometimes they might be the same one done differently, but it does not matter in my mind, because it's always just motivation! Something to inspire another.

see you soon!