I rely on detox drinks, teas, infused waters etc etc -- so much, to keep me feeling hydrated and refreshed 24/7.

So I thought that I would share my current go-to drinks.

First off something to have when you're feeling a little peckish! This week I made a basic raspberry and banana smoothie, which I managed to make in under 5/10 minutes.

- 1 medium banana
- small box of raspberries
- milk
- unsweetened orange juice
- thick yoghurt [I used neo valley low fat strawberry yoghurt]

What I love about thick smoothies, is that they're filling, they last a while and you can keep them in the fridge for later. They are the perfect alternative to snacking if you are on a health kick, or aren't in the mood for in particular. The sweet flavours and the texture almost make it a small meal rather than a drink.
I find making a smoothie once or twice a week is quite a treat, especially as food here in the UK can be quite expensive, and you practically use all of the one whole packet, so there's none for later.

My second go-to drink is one that has many health benefits and is very popular, green tea.
I never used to like herbal teas years ago, but when I learnt about the health side of them and the variety that you could get, I was curious.

A few benefits I learnt of about green tea are listed on these sites below -
[yes I'm being a little lazy, but there's a lot of info! & probably explained better on those sites]