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Friday, 6 March 2015

forever beautiful europe - waist training

For months and months I have desired to purchase a waist trainer from forever beautiful europe & I finally have! I am incredibly excited to start working out whilst wearing the latex sports training cincher, and to see results hopefully soon. I've always had a relatively small waist and a naturally curvy shape, but I would personally just like to enhance these features. I've always loved the old fashioned small waist, curvaceous figures, and the style that went with it such as high waisted skirts and dresses with built in corsets.

Pretty sure I was born in the wrong era, look how stylish those ladies are. Ah dreaming of such a life. 

I bought a size 30 (XS) which I'm pretty sure is around a 6/8. I was very un-certain about the sizes, but this is literally just about the perfect fit. It was quite a shock when I did up all the hooks, because it's such a tight fit, you do feel restricted as you would in a proper old fashioned corset. Nevertheless I am really looking forward to getting steps closer to a smaller waist. (This is my personal goal, I don't want anyone to think I encourage small waists as the only good figure look because it is not, it is only one of many and one that I favour).

I will do another review in a week or two discussing how it is working out so far! Stay put!


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  2. I have been interested in corsets for awhile now, and I think you've set me on the right path

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  4. I like to wear waist trainer because it can wear underneath and above the clothes. It make my waist get hourglass shape instantly.

  5. I want to buy a men waist trainers for my husband , any recommended garment for him?

  6. Style: overbust and underbust outfits are the two styles that you ought to look over. Underbust outfits are the most recommended by experts. Notwithstanding not tightening your breathing, they are extremely agreeable notwithstanding when you wear them for expanded timeframes.Top 10 best waist trainer men

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