to be lazy or to not?

I don't know about you but I never know quite what to do with myself on a bank holiday Monday. 
Most places are shut, the day kind of drags and living in England, well you're never quite guaranteed glorious weather. Today I found myself getting dressed into a black crop top, dark grey washed high waisted jeans, a long cream cardigan and some mary-janes - then sitting outside I scouted through new and old magazines, where I felt hopeful as the sun peered through the clouds, but whilst it quickly turned dark and cold again, so did my mood. Funny how the weather plays such a part on your attitude towards the day. 

I am now back in bed, with fluffy socks on, trying to pick myself up and enjoy a more restful day, instead of moping around waiting for something to happen. When in reality I'm still exhausted from the last two years, and haven't given myself a decent break since finishing College. I keep tottering about trying to fill my day with little jobs.

Well tomorrow's a new day.
Now I'm going to go fill my stomach with treats, put on pyjamas and turn my attention to Netflix.
Yep. I'm feeling better already at the sound of that.