"A Sunday well spent brings a week of content."

Normally on a Sunday, or well most days really, I'd be in my pyjamas with some big fluffy socks on, but today I did feel like getting dressed, but I still wanted to have that comfy Sunday attire so I've just put on some loose cut French Connection trousers that have a beautiful floral pattern towards the back of them, which makes it a little more chic and fun. To go with that I've just put on a V-neck ponte crop top from Topshop, because it's very basic, soft and comfortable enough to not wear a bra, which is really what Sundays are all about for us girls. 

What do I get up to on Sundays

Honestly I just go with it, I never really plan something on a Sunday, it just happens, whether it's a quick shop somewhere, a walk, family time, seeing someone - anything really, I just take on the day with a very relaxed approach, because essentially no matter what I do or get up to, I do believe Sundays to be an all round chill day.