c u b a    b a l i    i t a l y    b r a z i l
so many places I want to travel to.

I  l o v e  design, culture, food, fashion, art, architecture, *breathe*, so many things that can easily be rounded up as travelling, I travel and want to travel more frequently to immerse myself in the Country or Cities culture, eat foods I wouldn't dare, find new fashion trends, unique pieces of art or artefacts and photograph timeless architecture and landscape. 

I'm craving an adventure to different worlds that seem unreachable, 
but all it really takes is a ticket.

I think I can be quite an anxious traveller, when I was younger I used to love the plane ride and was excited to see where we're staying and all that, but now I'm so aware of the risks and the negative aspects of it, that it ruins it slightly because I let it. Though I try not to.
I also at this point in time get immensely homesick, yes I am 18, don't judge... 
So that's another reason I want to travel more, because it'll help me overcome anxiety issues, by stepping out of my comfort zone.

& to be totally soppy I think it'll make feel finally feel really content and happy, 
I mean how could it not?

One fashion piece I think is a travel must for myself, is denim jeans or shorts. I'm a 90's child, I grew up in denim grunge and jumpers, ELLE and DKNY second hand tops, think Jennifer Aniston 90's style then you'll know exactly what I mean. I just think wherever I am travelling, trust me not to go anywhere cold, (I love the sun and warmth), denim is something that works in most places, it all depends how you then go about styling it. You can go French chic to Cali girl, the style is endless and even whilst travelling if your jeans or shorts get worn down, it doesn't matter because they'll look equally as stylish!

The great thing about blogging is that I can do it anywhere in the world, 
so even better I can travel & blog - t h e  b e s t   o f  b o t h  w o r l d s.

So what about you, do you have the intense desire to travel?