Slightly obsessed with Hollister Co jumpsuits, the material of them is flexible and soft, so it's perfect for those days when you want a comfortable chilled outfit which still looks appealing. This one is a dark navy with dark grey/green leaf prints all over. 
I added this belt to the outfit as I wear this jumpsuit quite a lot and I wanted to add something to make it different, so a belt seemed perfect as the prints of the suit aren't too out there, so it's not too much overall.

I'm quite short, so with a lot of trousers, jumpsuits etc I tend to roll up the bottom of them, they just suit me better that way, and I think with some things it looks kind of trendy.

Now let's talk about those shoes.
Bought from Tkamxx, originally from & other stories, I fell in love with these when I saw them, forget that statement necklace trend (which I was never really fussed about) I think statement shoes against a plain outfit are the best and better.
There's so much going on with them, from the patterned and odd shaped heel, the combination of colours and straps, these have to be the definition of a statement heel. They're really cosy on my feet, they don't feel too heavy or tight, they feel chunky but in a way that you're reminded that your wearing them, and they make you feel full of sass. Ha.

So I slipped on a 3/4 length / crop top black jumper and wore a black suede fringed shoulder bag.

Drinks, sun, FOOD. Decent day so far, having a family BBQ this evening as well so I am in good spirits.

Hope your day is going well, & that you liked this post.