chic & cosy

It's late at night, I can't sleep, but I don't feel like watching anything, so what do I do, oh yes I do some online shopping. Oops.

I fell in love with these Vero Moda tailored high waisted trousers on ASOS so I bought them and asked for next day delivery. I loved them that much. Luckily I have not been disappointed with them! The fabric is soft, though slightly see-through, that's nothing a pair of white/nude underwear can't fix, right? I wasn't too sure about what leg length, and do feel I should have gone shorter, but they look quite trendy rolled up.

I think sometimes during the summer months although some days it may be really hot, (depends on where you are of course), it's still nice to be able to wear trousers or even jeans, but you don't want to feel uncomfortable in them, so what's great about these is how light they feel, yet you are confident they're also durable.

On the website they said these were for a tall figure and well I'm short as... 
But I decided to get them anyway, because then at least the waistline will be higher as I prefer it.
Bought for £25, I think was a very agreeable price, especially for the fit, fabric and overall look.