coffee dates with mother

Down in Farnham town in Surrey, is a slightly hidden walk called the lion and lamb walk, here my mum and I went for a coffee and salad (I know healthy blah blah) at the the lion and lamb cafe. With it's cute rustic furnishings and potted flowers the cafe seemed very appealing and just generally so lovely and inviting, so how could we not decide to stop by there.
We ordered two cappuccinos and a salad between the two of us, and literally just chilled and chattered. Lucky for us the weather was sunny and warm, which makes all the difference.

We all love Starbucks, Costa and Cafe Nero etc, but I adore these cute independent cafes that have so much more character and feel a whole lot more relaxed.

Shorts, a tee, long cardy and small booties is what I threw on today, just because it was casual, comfy and a warm enough outfit to wear on a warmer day without getting too overheated.

The rest of the afternoon was spent back at home out in the garden with some green tea, and a lot more chatter. Hope your day has been a good one too!