It's that typical dilemma of not feeling that bothered to get dressed, whether you don't feel like getting all dressed up or not being able to figure out what to wear, but equally wanting to look casually decent no matter what.

Well you really can't go wrong with the classic 90's white tee and jean look.

I wore jeans all the time when I was younger, being the tomboy I was, I wasn't so fussed about fashion as a kid, but as I grew up and became more aware of my body size and figure I loathed them. Unless they were black skinny jeans, I felt they were so unflattering on me.

Recently I've become so much more happier with myself, mainly because of eating better and working out, but mainly because I've stopped comparing myself to others and just thought f-it.
So I guess because of this I have been loving the comfort and casualness of jeans. The ones I've been wearing are fitted around the hips, butt and upper thigh area, then become really loose towards the end. 

A plain white vest top was my choice today because of the hot weather, but a simple white shirt or baggy tee would also look just as good.