białe i podstawowe

I'm back! 
After roughly 2 weeks of not feeling well at all for multiple reasons, I finally got my camera out to get back into that blogging routine.

Went on a little trip to Tkmaxx one of my favourite stores alongside Zara, where I bought this clover canyon crop top. The minute I picked it up randomly my eyes were hooked, the quality and detail of the photographic design was beautiful, the touch of the fabric felt durable and rich. The overall garment just felt like ultimate luxury. I decided in seconds I was going to buy it.

For only £20 there was no way in hell I was turning down that bargain. 
I paired the top with plain white jeans, which enables it to stand out against a plain canvas.

I'll be doing a few outfit ideas based around this top in the future around late summer // coming up to autumn. That way it'll give you an idea of how to wear it all year round.

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Laters baby