Honestly England, get it together. 
It's summer and quite cold, but at times humid, sometimes sunny, others cloudy. I've barely bought any summer clothes this year, because here it can be so pointless, I've not been able to dress myself in summer fashion if I'm honest, I've been wearing more Autumn clothing, just with the tights and coats.

I bought this Boohoo denim button-up skirt, partly because of my love for denim and jean at the moment, and also for the fact I could effortlessly wear this throughout the last month of summer, and also through the A/W months with tights and polo necks.

Pairing the skirt with a black baggy vest top and also black boots, gave this look that 90's feel that I love, then for the colder winds I wore a Hollister knit to keep me warm throughout this hormonal British weather. I think my Longchamp bag made this outfit super casual as it seems like a proper outgoing day bag, rather than a small little dressy purse. If you that makes any sense at all.

How do you think this works as a British summertime outfit?