Name changes?

I don't feel there is any need for me to have to explain this, but it's not so simple as just changing your blog theme, so just to clarify this name change I've done over my social media accounts (excluding Facebook), my real / full name is Katarzyna, but my parents had me go by Kasia as living in England it was just so much easier to pronounce, not that it has ever been said right by anyone the first few tries, nor is it even remembered! I love the name Katarzyna, without sounding conceited about it, I think it's a beautiful name, and it definitely connects me to my roots in Poland being called that, but I know if most people read that name or tried remembering / saying it, it would be a nightmare, especially when trying to make something of myself over social media. So looking up translations of it, Katerina is a name I've loved for years and it sounds so immensely similar to my own name, whilst being easier to pronounce, which is why that will be the name I choose to go by 'online', and perhaps in person in the future. May I also point out how both translations start out with 'Kat...', just to make my choice a little more accepting and not so crazy. 
I can totally understand if this just seems pointless and strange to some people, but it's not uncommon for people to do this, the amount of actors and singers I've searched and seen their birth names completely different to what they go by is endless. I'm sure a lot more people like me and you have done this as well.

So there you go, just clearing that up!