Working the high thigh boots for Autumn/Winter.

Hands up if you think this background is wicked...

*raises hand*

Believe it or not, this is in my own garden, we have a huge section of bamboo so I used to as a backdrop. No regrets. I think the outfit in contrast to the bamboo stands out a whole lot more, because they're polar opposites in style.

I quite simply built the outfit around the suede Public Desire boots and Zara skirt, adding an icy grey/blue knit jumper from Gap and a one off, also suede, black tassel bag. The ice coloured knit, breaks the dark harshness of the outfit, don't get me wrong I love my head to toe black outfits, but I thought for a sunny day when it was also quite warm, it'd be nice to mix in a light colour.

It's no surprise that this bag is my absolute go-to, it's light to carry and as casual as it is, it also can dress up a really minimal outfit. I've been loving the fringe effect for months and I seem to keep seeing it everywhere in shops, fuelling my love for it.

No brown smokey eyes. Shocker. I loved the makeup look I kept doing in Portugal, but over here it just isn't the same and so I've gone back to my everyday neutral toned makeup. Literally the most basic makeup look ever. 

Writing this post starting to feel I'm looking into a jungle.
All that bamboo!

Little rusted gold gems from Mango.

Last but not least, high thigh suede boots from the one and only, Public Desire.
Comfy, warm and stylish, they've got it all.
The possibilities for styling these boots with other garments is endless, a slit hemmed dress, mini-skirts, shorts & jumpers. I'm so excited to wear these 24/7! Well not literally.