Can you tell I was late to dinner, blurred images, wet hair, no shoes...

Nonetheless I loved this bargain dress and thought some sunset setting photos would be pretty nice, so I took the advantage of this beautiful villa setting, with a backdrop of panoramic views and went ahead.

At £9.99 I got this at none other than Tkmaxx, the holy grail of bargain stores. 
Its stretchy, slim fit made it promising of lasting a long time, we all bloat sometimes, put on weight, lose it and so this works for any of these times.
The options of styling this basic body con is endless, it can be the most basic outfit, or the most dressy. My favourite would be adding simple pieces of jewellery, fine layered necklaces works a treat, with my thin heels, nothing too chunky, that it overpowers the dress. Unless of course you want the shoes to be the statement piece.

If I had more time (or just got my ass up and dressed quicker), I'd have blowdried and straightened my hair, then put it back into a sleek ponytail. I find doing so would elevate my height, making me seem taller than I am, and just makes the overall look quite chic.

Yes ok I know I've gone a bit obsessed over the brown smokey eye makeup, but it wasn't until I tried it that I realised it suited my eye and face shape and made my eyes appear larger and slightly more longer at the sides, though I must admit my technique to doing eyeshadow is completely unprofessional, I know zero about doing it. All I do is literally slap it all over my eye lid and brush it along under my eyes. I don't blend or use a specific brush, but it seems to work for me, so what the hell.

This view has been absolute bliss.
I'm dreaming of living somewhere like this, aren't you?