de volta à minha segunda casa

FINALLY I'm on holiday. Right at the end of Summer and the start of A/W.
It's that perfect time to come because it's not overly crowed at the beach or in the bars, less screaming kiddos about and all that. Though I do kind of miss that holiday buzz, where it is filled with people, but a relaxing time away is just what I needed.

We flew to Lisbon airport, as the flights were considerably cheaper, then drove down to the Algarve where we're staying. 
I was not looking forward to drive down, but it was completely bearable with the breathtaking scenery out every corner of the windows.

We arrived at the Villa in rural Silves around late afternoon, where the area and villa were beyond my expectations, it was like going back in time and being in an authentic and rustic Portuguese village. I'll be posting snaps of the villa itself later in the week, but trust me when I say it is the dream traditional villa...

By the time we'd settled in it was around 7/8pm, so we popped out for a bite and called it a night.
See what I did there?


Back to one of my favourite places, Ferragudo beach where I spent most of my childhood.
My mum says she practically brought me up here, I was a bit of a beach bum when I was little, I'm definitely now going to start getting back to those roots.

'Yatch Club' 
This is where I had my first ever ice-cream! How amazing that even after 30 odd years, the owners, who fortunately are our close friends as well, are still here running this little beach bar.
If you're looking for a bite or drink on the beach with proper chilled summer vibes, this is the place to come. Take my word for it, I still come here after 18 years!

This was our proper first day, due to our late arrival the day before and it was bloody perfect.
Spent the last two days here, in heaven.
I'll be posting more pictures to my Tumblr, which you can be re-directed to up along my tabs bar, and also on my Instagram you can keep up to date, (katerina_jane) if you're interested!

Peace & love guys
Can you tell I'm so chilled right now?

Watch this space for more!

te vejo em breve!