'learn to say no without explaining yourself'

Surrounded by the wild, posing as if I feel totally relaxed, when I was uncomfortable as...
Thought I'd do a little preview of my new dress from Zara, that I purchased today against this beautiful backdrop, boy am I going to miss this place so much.
Also in this post I just wanted to have a short ramble about a quote I came across the other day.

It wasn't until I was up late at night when I really thought about it.
Saying 'no' to a question, an invite or so without being freaking investigated is so rare.
It's like you don't have a right to a simple answer.
The amount of times I've had to explain why I don't feel like going out, or why I don't want to do this or that, is endless. I mean do we really need a reason every time you literally just want to say no, to whatever it is. Over the years I feel like we've gotten so caught up in trying to say yes to all the opportunities we're handed, or grabbing that life goal you've been dreaming about and trying to loosen up and live, that we forget that 

it's okay to say no.

It's even more okay to not provide an answer every single time.

Sometimes I feel even if I give an explanation, it's not the right one.
It's not the answer they wanted, well my bad.

I hope I'm not the only one who finds all this explaining exhausting and quite a waste of time in most situations. There is very few who actually respect ones decision to say no, and I find that pretty awful.
I've heard things about myself, like oh she's so unsocial (because of my decision to not go out) and I used to care and worry, causing myself so much anxiety, because all I want is to relax a bit maybe with my family, a friend or just on my own, whereas now, I could not care less if anyone is petty at my decision, and it has definitely made me feel so much better, like a weight off of my shoulder as they say.

I thought these photos went quite well with the subject, you get the kind of feel free vibes from it.

Much love guys.