today has been that kind of day where i have overdosed on coffee & rushed around madly doing errands

It's been pretty hectic for a day with no outcome or meaning, but it's always those little things you've got to get done that are the most irritating and time consuming.

The weather lately has not helped. We always hope for snow or frosty weather at Christmas, I mean why not it's scenic, traditional and just ideal. I'm sure even if you live somewhere where the winter season is warm, y'all have a thought once or twice about a white Christmas. Unfortunately and unsurprisingly beautiful Britain did not endure that, but hey it's now mid January and the temperature has dropped faster than my jaw.I don't know how many sudden weather changes my body can handle, this is definitely not one of them. It's dark and gloomy in the mornings, meaning I'm struggling like a dead corpse to get the hell out of bed, when isn't it already hard enough to do that at the start of the year?

i am a colourful person i swear, i just love the film like edits that i can do

plus these images just explain the vibes today

I didn't want to stay in pyjamas all day which I never do
So I got cosy in this beautiful off shoulder cashmere jumper from Zara, paired with some Topshop Jamie jeans, and little pirate booties from Mango. It's only lately where since I've worked off a lot of those Winter gains, that I've fallen for the jumper & jean combo again.

So you had a boring but busy day too? High five.