if travelling was free, where would you go?

It's been just over 4 months since I was lost in the heat of Portugal.
It feels so long ago, when it really wasn't and I can't believe I've not shared a thousand more photographs that I took. Ironically my aim for when I was out there was to showcase nearly all of them over my social media accounts, mainly Tumblr,
& well 4 months later and here we are with me finally doing just that.

Oh how I think most of us would rather skip this month and be out somewhere being served trays of cocktails and snacks, listening to the sea breeze, eyeing out the lifeguards, 
Jess and I totally didn't did that. 

I'm not going to lie, there are way more pictures, but my goodness editing these alone and trying to get this post together, took a mere 6 hours and right now I'm only just finishing it up.
These are just a few that summed up the scenery and vibe from when I was there last year,
and going through them today I am bursting at my skin to get out of here and travel.
This is something that I am 110% doing this year. It could be for two days in the city, or up to a month away somewhere. I guess it depends on where and when I'm able to.
My gosh I am so excited thinking about it.
I have a few ideas of the places I want to go and get lost in, where I'll be documenting right here about what I get up to, best places to go and all, I might simply just do photo diaries instead of a more formal post. We will just have to see now, won't we?

Hope you're all getting into the hang of the January as well as bracing this sudden coldness.

Bye for now guys