A short trip away can give you that whole new perspective you were in need of.

I treasure the times when I get to come back home to Poland, making sure my priority is catching up with my family, as well as resting. It keeps me grounded and reminds me how lucky I am to have them all, like any family they drive freakin' bonkers, but as I get older I realise more and more that they've helped shape me into the person I am now.

It stuns me how so many people assume Poland is a small European country that can be toured and done with within a few days. If you think that, then you're in for a shock, it's the ninth biggest country in Europe and actually bigger than England!
My family comes from down south, in a small town called Bochina, while my parents and I reside in Pogwizdow next door. I end up spending a lot of my time either in the Summer bars in town, or making my way up to Kraków. Why? Shops, restaurants, bars, monuments, just go and you'll understand. We're blessed with having beautiful four seasons over here, a blossoming Spring, a scorching Summer, an auburn Autumn and white Winter. Right now, in January it is fucking cold.
Excuse my language, but my lord. I was mad to wear tights with a dress out in the city, of course I had layers on, gloves, a hat, the whole package, but my face honestly felt like I'd just had a whole lot of botox, I could not move a muscle. 

Having a home away from home is the best thing. I'm incredibly lucky, I know that. I love how it allows me to escape life in the UK, whether life is just getting too stressful over there, or I simply just want a change of scenery, it's a cheap option coming out here lets be honest, accommodation £0.00, car rental £0.00, all you got to do is book a flight and everything else is sorted. 
I have days where I just want to pack up and move somewhere new, somewhere where no one knows me, like Australia, 'cause that's on the other side of the blooming world, so that's a pretty good option. So when I come away out here, it lends me some fresh insight onto life back at home in England. 
I miss it. I always end up missing it, I was raised there, I know it inside out, and not just the south but the north too where the other half of my family is. It's the greatest thing being able to go back home and feel refreshed and stronger to battle whatever has been irritating me or worrying me. 
I am also so inspired by my family each time I come out here, I only really see them once or twice a year, in that space of time lots of things can change, and I get to see that quite boldly.
There's lessons to learn each time. The experience of travelling back and forth growing up probably pushed my natural want to travel a lot more. As well as it being something my parents have done their whole lives, I'm so excited to start planning mini trips to new places, especially with new found confidence.

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