backless bodysuit galore, finally i got my hands on one that is an 11/10
Of course in a city with endless things to do and explore, I end up in Zara.

& wait for it, I also end up spending money that I just don't have.
I was drawn to the sale signs, yet this particular garment wasn't discounted, it's a new stock in fact, but it exceeds my original opinion of bodysuits. They've always in my eyes looked amazing and flattering, but in previous ones I've tried on, just no. Some were cheap, some uncomfortable, I just wanted one that had a balance of comfort and style. Lot's of the backless ones I've come across are also just extremely low, too low that it doesn't really cover what to needs to be covered,
if you know what I mean.

If there's one top reason as to why Zara is my all time favourite store, 
it's the quality. 
No one really wants cheap clothing, especially if you're paying a little extra money for it. I all for spending a bit more money on something if it's going to last me a long time, but this only works if the quality of the garment is a high standard, all of which Zara's are.
This bodysuit is no exception, a soft cotton fabric, with stretch and a thick knit you can quite literally go braless without the need for a backless bra, it is the balance I've yearned for.
Paired with some high waisted Topshop peg leg trousers and gold metallic heels, for me the outfit gives off a London circa 1990's vibe.
I definitely think backless is the new cleavage, or at least I prefer it, 
it accentuates your figure and creates a balance between class and sexiness.

don't you think?