Simple details, neat clutters and neutral tones, these things keep catching my eye lately, giving me a craving for more space of my own, somewhere I can rome freely in lace intimates and baggy tee's, with tea and coffee always on the go, whilst shooting photographs, reading and writing. 

At the top of my list of things to save up and get, has to be a record player, my family over the years and years beyond me, have collected over hundreds of vinyl records, with some of the most classic hits and unique sounds. An authentic sound, taste or style, appeals to me significantly more than updated and over modernised versions. I like keeping parts of my life traditional, some more than others, considering parts like my work which is definitely unconventional, risky and a little bit spontaneous, which isn't the ideal to most who reside outside the world of freelance.
What motivates me and pushes me ahead with freelance, well the simple idea of eventually being able to achieve a place of my own, my own zen and lifestyle, does it for me. I live in the present, for the present and for the future, this way the more likely it is that I'll soon be falling in love everyday with the life and scene that I have created for myself. What would a day appear and be in my own place? Well forget the side table, I'll stack my books one by one, balance my drinks on there instead. Less is more, except with shoes. Give me an endless supply of blankets, and a simply divine view, and I'll be perfectly content. When you walk through into the open space, with bare white walls, expect nothing less than candles everywhere, a huge antique chandelier hanging above in the centre and me in a calm mood, I'll make you some food and drink, we'll set up a projector and binge watch tv shows and movies. That's a promise.

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have a beautiful day