a valentines realisation

Oh Valentines day, the one day of the year where everywhere you look is covered in an endless overflow of flowers, overpriced chocolate and love hearts.

I've come across numerous people who don't agree with the concept of associating only one day to share your love and appreciation to your loved ones, as you should have no limit to doing this every day. It's not hard to agree with that, let's be honest.
I woke up this morning, receiving flowers once again from my mum and dad, I joke around calling them pity flowers but putting aside my awkward issues with the idea of romance and love, it does mean a lot that they do this each year.
There's not really been a time when I've not been disappointed on Valentines, I used to get my hopes up assuming it'll be like something out of a film, (this was years ago, I swear I've woken up since) and it never is, or at least when your 12 or 14 it's highly unlikely to be that way. I'm that typical anti-valentines whinier. Why? is it because I'm single? is it nauseating? To be honest with you, I don't have a decent reason to make up for being the scrooge of Valentines.
Yet level with me here, in my eyes it feels like this holiday is made exclusively for couples, leaving us singletons and families to get creative with getting through the day.
So how do we get though v day and the years of it to come?
Well we have to stop thinking of it as a singular couples holiday, we have to embrace ever aspect of love, and celebrate just that, love. Now I don't just mean puppy love guys, come on now, but family love, friendship, the love for your job, your passions, you! Celebrate yourself, why the hell not, go get yourself some alcohol and chocolate, enjoy pampering yourself for the day, as you should everyday, except your forced to more today. No excuses lovelies. 
Today is a day of admiration, love and friendship, all areas we forget are also just as acceptable. 
I cringe too much at romance and intimacy, but I make myself that way, I think sometimes we influence it on each other, will they think I'm being soppy to go for a v day meal? will I get roasted by my friends if I send her/him a card? will they laugh at me? Sod it. I've gotten to the point where I couldn't give a flying damn what people think, all except on this subject. Maybe it's years of denial and isolation making me feel stuck when it comes to opening up, I push guys away every time one comes along because I over-analyse everything and question it endlessly.
So today I'm going to try enjoy this red filled day, find the biggest mug I own, fill it with some warm tea, (or baileys hot chocolate) get comfy in a big jumper and watch some movies, with the company of my dogs. Perhaps I'll do some yoga before and prep dinner for later, and to try not to sulk today and be grateful for the people that are in my life.

Happy Valentines to you all, alone or not enjoy today.