There's something quaint and alluring about finding delicate charms, precious stones and glass trinkets. It adds a little fantasy to spaces, the kind you dreamed of when you were younger, maps with a key to chest, a locket passed down from years ago, a book filled with endless memories. Clean white spaces draw anyone in, a blank canvas to apply our own chaotic touch to, but character and history is something that pulls at my heartstrings, there's something monumental and intriguing about antiques and rustic pieces. It connects you to the remnants of the past, fuels your imagination and curiosity to know more. Simplistic and bohemian styled jewellery is to die for, dressing them up or down, it catches the glimmer of peoples eyes, it instantly speaks for your taste and clarity in your choice of jewels. Adding lighter tones to the ends of my hair, lounging in off-shoulder white lace, with water by my side all day to tend to my unhappy hangover, I've been searching online at Etsy for small pieces like in my collection, to find hundreds. I feel like Ariel from the Little Mermaid, awestruck by the small wonders you can find.