Lately I have a committed desire to change certain daily beauty and health habits in my everyday life. I've spent late nights reading stimulating articles and recommended books, making me realise the honest benefits behind raw eating and organic products, as well as how daily practices of yoga and meditation could assist in helping my unstable anxiety.With inspiration comes a thousand ideas, I ached to do a post to start off this new health kick I'm suddenly so attached to doing. Looking through bits and pieces I already own, un-suprisingly I realised just how many coconut products I had that I use most of the time. In the last few months coconut oil, creams and water has been and still is the most popular beauty and health trick in the book. 

a way of life for those in the tropics and admired by the rest of us

Coconut in a tub for all your wants and needs, a simple and long lasting way to use and indulge in it.
The appearance and smell makes you long for clear skies, crystal warm water and a sandy beach, add a cocktail and good music, it's paradise, right? That's what the organic and rawness of it gets you feeling like.The best therapy at the end of any stressful day, is a long hot bath. Add some coconut bath gel to that and you'll be in absolute bliss.In places such as Australia you can be sure to find coconut produce in a lot of things, such a fake tan, a God send for us in the countries haunted by clouds and cold weather. I'd heard of Bondi Sands a while ago, why it took me so damn long to purchase it? No clue, but it's beautiful, the smell, the colour, the application. I've never had streaks, or been tangoed. It gives you a flawless golden brown tan, whilst you smell of coconuts and paradise.