The suns out and so are the smiles. Everyone is on such high today, energised and merry, motivated to get out and into nature, enjoy as England shines and appears so scenic and sound. A perfect day to crack out the flavours and colours, pouring them all into a glass of happiness, whilst relaxing under the heat endlessly searching for new music to add to a Spring & Summer playlist. The year's flying by as we all try to grab onto every experience and opportunity as it comes within our grasp, as well as living up to as happy as we want and can be. We expect too much out of each year as it comes around, tirelessly worrying that we're not living up to more than the limits we set ourselves, we pick it apart like a jigsaw irrationally trying to piece it together to perfection, rather than letting things flow naturally and enjoy the moments. A day like today is an instant wake up call, to slow down a little, breathe, relax, reflect and smile.