Longing to travel to the far corners of the world, to come upon secret coves, vibrant cultures and find a new sense of belonging and inspiration. To lounge around in little comforts, getting lost in the wind between the drapes, overlooking the rush of the strangers in the streets. A sweet whisper of fresh air to refresh the deep sleep out of me, the smell and sweet taste of coffee giving me the kick I need to master the day ahead, my mind is already filled with the wonders of curiosity, wanderlust and enchantment, day and night fuelling me with motivation and passion for a lively life. It baffles me those who lack ambition or desire, being lost and unsure of where you're headed is different, as long you have that strength to listen to your gut instincts, to take a leap of face or a risk then you have it, you have a fire inside of you, a drive of ambition and hope. How do we go through life without it? We need something each morning to stimulate the courage to go on with the day, to reach for each chance to succeed in our wants and face our fears, without that you're not even attempting to live, you're just existing. We forget how much greatness there is out there, the adventures and sights, so many things that will contribute in helping you evolve and thrive your way through life and make out to be extraordinary stories. "to live is the rarest thing in the world, most people exist that is all." oscar wilde. I could name so many people I know or know of doing immaculately well at the moment, shooting for the stars and beyond, their enthusiasm is inspiring and hard work astounding. Seeing what they are achieving makes you think, how can you not aspire to see where your path could lead? At the end of the day do you really want to see you life amount into one big what if?