Progress is impossible without change, humanity has always had to adapt to survive, it's no different when it comes to succeeding in your passions. We want our work to be quality rather than quantity, that's how I see it anyway, as a blogger you want your content to be absolutely pristine, you want your photographs to draw in the curious, your writing to haunt and style to inspire. I would be eternally happy and grateful to have my own photographer snapping up candid shots of me in the streets or some scenic location, making my outfit look ten times better than it does, catching my features in the right light and working around my flaws. Except at the moment that's not possible, one day I'm sure it will be but as of now I have to work around a camera stand, moving back and forth posing and setting up the different angles, all in my bedroom. Come today, I didn't feel that was enough, I felt the same old kind of vibe lurking in my mind, I knew I had to change it up and adapt to the things that weren't working out at the minute in order to get something satisfying out of it. & I am just that, satisfied. I went simple doing some basic flat lays and I'm actually chuffed with the outcome,  so basic but charming. This is the best tip I can give anyone who has that struggle, even if your having a I look awful where's a brown bag to put over my face day, screw putting the clothes on and go simple, photograph them hanging on a rail, there are so many cute, unique ways to go around it which I realised today. No need to restrict, but adapt. 
I'm dreaming of the day I head back to Barcelona with my gorgeous bestie, to roam the streets, stop for tapas, shop, explore and document, it's so close till we do but this British springtime weather is making me want to jet off there now, even there I could where this gorgeous khaki swing dress from Binky's inthestyle range, with no tights just some booties and a chunky cardy. Soon, so soon.
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