The sun rising at 6:00am is total bliss. An early wake up call, an alarm clock by nature, sets your mood for the day ahead. It's uplifting and therapeutic seeing blue skies with light beams creeping in through your window at first light, especially on a mere Sunday morning.

Sundays are slowly becoming my most treasured day of the week, I feel happy and optimistic, more eager to be practical as well as having a balance between work and play. It's known as a day of rest, but my mind is never at ease, only beaming of ideas and dreams. Live everyday like it's a Sunday, something I remind myself during the week, so I don't over stress or sulk, constantly asking if it's the weekend yet, it doesn't mean to be lazy all the time as you would on a Sunday, because I am probably more lazy throughout the week rather than then, it's more about having that attitude and optimism you find yourself full of on that particular day, the overall vibe provokes creativity and an awoken soul.

For a woman immersing herself into a love affair with Sundays, I awoke slowly as the sun rose, then tottered downstairs to make myself a sweet coffee. As my body started to awake, I thought I'd soak myself in the warmth of water filled with desert lime and coconut oil bath salts, made by an Australian brand Dickens & Hawthorne. There wasn't a better morning to do this, with the strength of the sun breaking in, the deep howls of the wind, I was transformed into total content. Found along the beauty and health isle in tkmaxx, bath salts are something I've never been eager to try, for no reason at all I just always tend to play it safe, until now. Followed by this pleasurable early morning, my mother and I took it upon ourselves to indulge in a beautiful brunch. Eggs, avocado, just the lot, & although missing the champers, it was the cherry on top for the day so far. Have a joyous Sunday honeys.