Those songs that can evoke such tragic emotions are my favourite. I like that broken feeling when a memory or sensation awakens when that one melody starts playing. That melodramatic moment when you feel as if you're properly starring in your own movie, reliving the exact moment, feeling every single emotion as if it has just happened. A live memory, maybe one we tend to repress into the back of our minds, breaks through at that single note or lyric, forever tied to it. It'll most likely never be any different, the same goes to an object, a place or event, some things always remind us too deeply of what was, what's gone, lost or ruined. Music shifts us, changes our tides whilst we embrace it but upping our sails, for instance when I let my satin silk slip loosen across my body, as if I were fashioning the 1920s yet when I knock on some torn biker boots it's like a sense of rebellion kicks in, the contrast in style somehow works, I feel like I should get back to that rock music my dad always played to me growing up, old school classics with a drink in hand. It's like a new alter ego is bursting at the seams to get out, making me want to get an old convertible, or strap on the back of a random blokes motorbike, whilst blasting out hard core rock anthems as we road trip out of London and into the quaint lanes of the British countryside, prepping ourselves for a new adventure.