The days are far too cold and sour to find comfort in tight jeans and vest tops, I only long for soft cashmere jumpers and giving fabrics all keeping me wrapped up and warm. It still is only spring, but summer is a mere month away, yet the weather feels harshly in keeping with winter. As much as I love living in my big cosy dressing gown, I've got to start getting my ass dressed properly and stop acting like a weakling when it comes to feeling under the weather, so all hail Topshop basics and lounge wear! With endless options for mix and matching, comfort and style all in one, I hadn't been so excited about a purchase in so long. Mixing in big knits and faux fur jacket, you've got yourself casual chic comfort wear, for day and night, I could go on and on, but you get the vibe. Right now it's currently 00:21 and I'm sat in the pitch black downstairs with popcorn all over my keypad (classy I know), indulging in laughter at That 70's Show, a new favourite of mine. I love that simple idea of meeting in the basement most days with friends, no phones or social media involved and just having a laugh and just talking, why is that so hard to do nowadays, the minute I zone off out of my phone people complain they can't get ahold of me or assume that I'm being distant and effortless, well if you think that just get your ass to my door and talk to me! Don't text me bland words. *Sigh*. Now you want to hear something ironic? I'm back in my dressing gown.