Clean soft sheets, furry friends and new places with your partner in crime in a world in full bloom, what more could you want? Ok, yeah coffee too, I feel you. OH and maybe a cocktail in the evening, but here is my latest your daily dose story for you. 
In these last few months, I'm inspired and uplifted by the most simple and bittersweet things. Seeing people happy and achieving spectacular things, admiring adorable animals in the streets, waking up with the sun in a chilled room under my thick warm sheets, and finding new music ready for the next few months. It's not much but enough, once you appreciate and have an outlook as such, you feel less frustrated and disappointed with life and even yourself! 

feeling at ease and inspired 
- Hydrate yourself with water, and all sorts of goodness such as nutritious smoothies and juices. Keeping your mind and soul fresh and alive to take on the world.
- Wake up with the sun. It sounds silly, but honestly it's a soothing way to awaken and also very beautiful.
- Express gratitude to your loved ones and strangers, you never know who might be so desperately needing it. You'd want the same, so you get what you give.
- Say goodbye to negative energies and influence. Whether a person or object, you want and need what is best for you, don't have anything ruin a wonderful life and soul you are. 
- Open up & forgive. If there's one big life lesson I've learnt in my own journey so far is to not hold in something that you think about all night and wake up worrying about. It's a release and relief to let go and pour it all out to someone, even if there's no solution, trust me, it's a weight lifted off of your shoulders. Life is way too short to hold grudges and hatred towards others, so forgive and move on, or forgive and forget.

source - pinterest