"organic; no pesticides, synthetic fertilisers or genetically modified material
extra virgin; fresh mature kernel ensuring the best aroma and nutritional value
raw; no chemical refining, bleaching or deodorising of any kind
cold pressed; no heat used ensuring key active nutrients are retained"

With only a combination of high grade coconut and lavender essential oil, it's a gorgeous smelling treat to apply to your hair, promoting silky smooth, revamped hair, with a bonus of hair growth and thickness. For someone who since she was 16, has dyed her hair endlessly, from dark ebony hair, to caramel and blonde, I worship hair saviours such as cocomask. 
Easy to apply and take off, it's such low fuss process, with beautiful results. Most oils  and masks I've ever put in my hair, have always been a nightmare to get off, which is why I went off purchasing them and took double the use of conditioner to my hair. Except with cocomask, after warming a scoop of it up in my hand then slathering it onto my hair, then relaxing with it in for about an hour or two, the lavender oil worked a dream to sit back and relax, I just used normal shampoo and it was off! Literally no left over grease in my hair, nothing. Thank God. 
It's no shocker that I worship the use of coconut oil for my hair and body, so when cocomask asked me if I'd review their hair mask, of course my answer was an instant YES & not only would I personally recommend getting your hands on a tub, but even my mother would, she fell hard for the lavender infused scent and adored the mask from start to finish, before and after.
So if you're having a spa night, or you hair is in need of some TLC, head over to their site below and look forward to a couple of hours, or good nights sleep with a scented room of bloom.