I'm always at either end of the spectrum, there's no in between. Full of inspiration, a million ideas at bay, or absolutely nada. When it comes down to those days, where I'm lacking in spirit or motivation, or without being able to maintain any balance or structure - I find myself complicating everything, trying too hard and focusing on all the wrong things. My solution? Get back to basics. 
Sit back, take a read or browse online, without intentionally scouting for inspiration, let it come naturally. 
Don't exhaust yourself editing and filtering all your photographs, lets be honest sometimes nothing can make you satisfied with a forced shoot. Get creative with a film camera, disposables - forget your usual process and go out and explore, experiment. 
My day of blandness started with the sight of withering flowers, wilted and weak. Not the most uplifting of surroundings to work around, so I picked a fresh bunch from outside (sorry mum). Thing about us bloggers or influencers, we love ourselves a good photogenic plant, one for the 'gram or blog.
Honey, take the damned day off put on your biggest, trendiest shades - & get out, have a coffee, food, a cocktail. See a friend? Rant, chat, laugh, cry. You can't force your best work, didn't we learn that in school, the harder we tried the more our brain would repel? The same with inspiration, it is everywhere, in everything, but we're not always going to see it, maybe we're overworked, still half asleep or just cannot be arsed. And you know what, that's ok. That's just the journey, the struggle of being an artist, a creator, the roads not smooth, clear or signed. It's up to us to manoeuvre and carve it.