I used to be that girl, the one constantly running through the woods, picking up worms, building the most unpractical but exciting dens. I still am her, she lingers deep inside me, beneath the structured outfits, the make up and poses. She's coming out more lately, slowly emerging as the weather changes from sun to rain, embracing it, rather than seeing it as being a frustration. 
Sat on the edge between our French doors, I watched simply as my pups played outside in the humid heat, watched as the pollen danced through the subtle breathes of air - the skies were turning, a midst of grey deviously appearing. That smell of rainfall was near, I could imagine most Englishmen running indoors, swearing of grievance that the sun never lasts, people racing to catch their washing before it's drenched. I didn't move. A huge raindrop fell onto me, shocked me in fact, the cold wet against my flushed skin normally'd be enough to send me indoors, but I just stayed put and laughed. Why should I get irritated by the turns of nature, when all I've wanted for 3 days, was clean fresh air amongst the hot and bothering heat? This rainfall is warm, it's opposing and sweet, compared the cold, achey days we normally suffer from 60 - 80% of our time here in England. 
Investing in balance, appreciating and accepting the changes and embracing the dirt, you'll see that mother nature can be a wonderful and beautiful sight and experience.

top (is actually a skirt) - Zara      light blue denim shorts - House of Denim      white shorts - Ralph Lauren