This is something I've had to keep reminding myself of because it's so easy to forget or think you don't deserve or need down time. I know and follow so many hardworking individuals and heard even them admit to not knowing how or when to slow down, even for 10 minutes a day or two. I definitely struggle more with feeling shameless doing so, guilt and oppression takes over me when I try to embrace putting my legs up, so much that I end up forcing myself to do something, even if it feels so unsatisfying. 
Need I even suggest it? No downtime would be complete without it, neither would our lives really.

 a good read
Whether that's a book or magazine, stay in bed squished in your pillows and hidden beneath your sheets and dig in. Disconnecting from your bright screens is good for the mind and soul honey.

Duh. Fluffy socks, big jumpers, hair up and glasses on. 

clean spaces
As much as I can't be bothered cleaning up a lot of the time, there's no doubt I can't relax in a dump.  Get rid of the bundles of mess, put on some scented candles and ah. Take pride and love your space.

bath salts
If you're like me and love a good soak, try the ultimate coconut oil spa bath just once a week. 1/3 cup of coconut oil, 10 lavender drops and 1 cup of epsom salts and you're good to go. Dim the lights, add a glass of whatever sparkle you like and enjoy. 

tea and biscuits
You know you want to.

retail therapy
Screw going out. Hop online and indulge and browse from the comfort of your humble adobe. 

swap your cardio for yoga
Until you've tried it a few times, you won't actually accept and realise how relaxing yoga really is. It's a beautiful way to stretch out your stiff muscles after or in prep of a lazy day.

movie time
Pick a good'un or cheesy one. To make you laugh or cry, emotions flowing, we all love a good film under a blanket with lots and lots of snacks.

We all strive to do well, be there for others non-stop and want to keep ourselves on top form twenty four seven, but the fact is we really do need to take a breather and look after ourselves. It doesn't always need to be a catch up on rest, or a lay down from business, it can be just dealing with personal things, recent events, bad news, anything. It's more than ok to be selfish sometimes, to look after you. After all you are the most permanent thing in your life, treasure yourself, your body, mind and soul. Be your own best friend.