Everyone, knows that the littles things are always in the end, the big things, the things that matter and you remember for all your life. 
I've been on countless of walks this Summertime, whether it was a long hike throughout the day, or a blissful evening wander with good company and perhaps a camera, and I have honestly had the most refreshing of times, full of laughter, silliness, good conversation and smiles all around.
For the last few weeks I've fallen hard for light pastel coloured evenings, when the heat's died down but you're not freezing your ass off, distant music plays from hidden parties and the vibrant town, laughter rises from across the streets, whilst friends gather for an early drink to start of a night of foolery. The air's simply just full of love, perhaps exhaustion too yet still humble vibes.
Of course not every night or day will amount to perfect spontaneity, but throwing your expectations and anticipation out the door and just doing and being, will certainly help you be pleasantly surprised and in the moment, whilst taking it all in.

1. Just because others are out doing something together on a Friday night, doesn't mean you should be doing the same.
I have wasted so much time sulking at my decision to stay in, beating myself up at the fact I may be missing out and am clearly not going to have as such a good time staying in. Yet if I went out when I was already not in the mood, there'd just be no point. I'd already not be enjoying it before I'd left the house. Who doesn't love a night in, a glass (or two, or a bottle) of wine, some snacks and a good film or relaxing night catching up with a friend. 

2. Don't be put off by your lack of cash, there's plenty do on a budget or without one.
 People can be so un-imaginative these days, thinking everything worth doing costs something, which absolutely baffles me. Hikes, movie nights, bonfires, mini get togethers, beach days, trips to free-admission museums and galleries, day out in a new town with your own coffee to have on the go. My, oh my the options are endless! 

3. Who gives a damn what others think of it.
Game nights, little bit of alcohol, music and good company, that's a night I'd sign up for endlessly! Yet sometimes when I've suggested it people have been sceptical of what others would think, thinking game nights are for families and children. No matter what it is you'd like to do, don't be put off by the opinions of others, they're not a part of it? It's your own memories you're creating at the end of the day, not theirs. 
 4. Still in the country for the holidays? So what, open your eyes to your blessings and beauty around you. 
Since I was born I'd spend months abroad a year, from Poland, Portugal and Dubai, I became so used to being by the ocean in hotter climates, or beautiful winter scenery. This year is the first year in decades where I've not set foot outside of the Uk, I've had moments where I felt frustrated with the thought of spending my summer here, but 80% of the time I sure as hell made sure I made the most of it! Re-connecting with old friends who I'd never should have parted from, spending days at the lake, hikes and walks off the beaten places, exploring places I'd never think to go, getting back into art and spending hours slapping paint onto a canvas. It really isn't that hard to stay behind and still have a summer holiday and make the most of it. 

The littlest pleasures and ideas, moments of spontaneity and surprises, have turned out to be the most treasured and biggest memories of this summer. Reminding me to go about life embracing every single aspect and moment.