Oh England, you're a funny one leading up to Summertime, are no tights acceptable or not? Do I still need to keep my thick winter coats out? Spring dressing hasn't been easy, we've had sun, but the hottest sun, I mean proper heatwaves in April and then frost and ice cold winds randomly scattered over the last few weeks, it's one extreme or the other. Quite frankly, my body cannot take the indecisive and heaviness of the weather, it makes me feel utterly all over the place. 

Sometimes certain problems or events that occur in our lives, can be just like this; so hot and cold, instead of it being something you can sort and move on from; when the rain pours, it pours biblically. It's not just bad weather, they feel more like an unpredictable tropical storm,  just as the rain clears... the strong wind hits, there's no stop for still, calm air, a chance to breathe or feel relieved that something has been solved. It's just one thing after another, a constant downfall and arising of difficulties and dramas of life. 

Where do we fathom the energy or pure sanity to deal with each thing? Does any advice really work, do we even possess any of the courage it took to take it all on? Who knows, we just get on with it, at the end of the day we have to. When life craps on you all at once, I suppose all we can do is think of the strength and stamina we will have gained by the end of it, because it will end. Grow through what you go through, each experience is a lesson, as is each person. Nothing stays the same forever, curveballs are always thrown, life is simply unpredictable. At least we won't be stuck in the same circle forever, embrace the challenges and always rise up after the hardships. 

with love, Kat