Do you ever have periods of time where you contemplate different things, you subtly question different parts of your everyday life. You're not filled with melancholy, just informed thoughts and genuine curiosity; are you doing enough to ensure you get what you want out of life, are you doing the best you can for your self-care, do you show enough appreciation, do you make others feel good? & so on. It's not an overwhelming train of thought, it's intense but in a mellow way - it's bearable to go through them and get lost, because perhaps you're in a position where you either need change, or unknowingly want it. 

Has this been me lately? I think so, maybe more than I realised because it's been quite slow and gradual. I find myself not wanting to be around modern day substances and driving away somewhere without my phone, just company and my beloved camera or two. I've becoming bashfully smitten when I see children outside playing, rather than holed up inside with video games, or seeing someone purchase flowers, quite clearly for another. Though technology has amazingly helped so many of us worldwide to connect, to stay in touch and share - which I will always be so grateful for, sometimes and more so ironically I fear that people have become neglectful when it comes to communication, at least to those who aren't far from one another. We've all met those who just aren't capable of holding a conversation, leaving us to develop a deep hate for small talk, we're all guilty of checking our phones whilst having coffee or lunch, or simply just checking social media too much when we're around others. It becomes our life, well it has become our lives.

I'm sure I've mentioned in the odd post or few how fond I am of period dramas - films and old books by the greats like Jane Austen and many English novelists and poets; I end up wondering about times like back then, when there wasn't much but the written word and small communities, and how if we were forced back to the very basics, stripped of the delights of the 21st century, could we cope? Would we resort to boredom without so many of the materialistic elements of our lives? It wouldn't be a surprise if that's so. Regarding this, an interesting question whizzed through my mind, 

would you be ok without it all? elaborate; if social media disappeared, if the tv only showed the news and the odd film, if our phones were only the classic Nokia brick - if my own luxuries as such were gone, would I be ok? Would I be content with life, could I be? Would my happiness be so affected? It didn't take me long to come up with an answer, I think so, I could be. It wasn't the first I had thought of this, so perhaps I'd been very subtly preparing myself, making small changes so that, like I said, I could be ok. 

I don't text much anymore, why? Well they don't work, the joy of having an iPhone and all it's problems. It took some getting used to and now that it has, do I need to sit constantly texting someone? No. I much prefer meeting face to face and simply talking for hours, I talk better out loud, more freely and in the moment rather than having that choice to over-analyse and edit your response online or by text. Not only that, but you realise away from your phone, just how much bloody time you do have! You have one less distraction, and I embrace it fully. 

Without social media, as a blogger, well that's a downfall, however I could still write? I could still be a photographer something I adore and could never give up. Thankfully most of my interests have come together over the last few months, more distinctively and have beautifully contributed to a content life outside of an online or materialistic world. I like being out bare foot in the garden throughout the summer months, to read books so intensively I direct the film version in my head, long walks & good company never get old, painting, playing an instrument, writing, so many things would keep me happily satisfied without so many luxuries we have these days, that I sometimes believe blind us of simple pleasures and undermine our appreciation.  

"the older you get, the more you realise that it isn't about the material things, or pride or ego. it's about our hearts and who they beat for." - r.a.

I'm thankful that this question came across my mind and that I took time to gently ask myself and think it through, because it's so important to have some idea if you'd be ok without it all, because at any moment, it could be lost.

with love, Kat