It's quite something when your body awakens with the sun at roughly 5:30a.m. still, dragging my arse out of bed wasn't going to happen this particular morning, my eyes felt vigorously glued down and body completely ignorant of the rising temperature in my room. A couple of hours later with underlying frustration and uneasiness from last nights nightmare still lingering, I couldn't be reaching for my morning coffee any more promptly if I tried. 

Lately with so much tension in air around me, it feels I'm choking for fresh air to breathe. I seem to yell, why just why, too often in regards to being misunderstood, or hearing completely obscure and immature comments; I wonder why people assume that 'growing up' means losing your youth, as does being mature. We have to grown up some day, we have to adult. Our parents aren't going to be paying our bills or sorting out our problems, for the rest of our days. It shocks me, the manner in which some things are dealt with, whether through words or actions, it's one big eye roll hearing catty arguments, narrow minded criticism and also backlash for those taking a more mature approach. 

Newsflash, it isn't dull to be slightly more sophisticated in your argumentative or daily approach to life. If anything, it's smart. 

Your youthfulness will always be with you one way or another, you don't have to let it go, nor should you. I'm a huge child at heart, I laugh at anything, I still run around and sustain foolish endeavours, but I don't succumb to naive responses when a quarrel arises, believe me it gets one nowhere, the problems lingers and a lot of the time more fuel is added to the fire.

with love, Kat