Since I was a babe, the arts have been no stranger to me, only a friend, a love and comfort. My thoughts stretched further than our society's standards would allow, I'd dream of other worlds, believe of strange beings out in our neck of the woods; I've always believed in peculiarity, doing things alien to another, walking a route less paved & I will forever continue to believe in something more.

It's too often, when someone gives you the look of confusion and judgement, for speaking out about ones genuine interests, that you're instantly pigeon holed as 'weird' or classed as 'boring', for not being into the same deeds as another.  Sometimes it's only a natural reaction that we hide away some of our character and simply do things for the likes of others; who hasn't worn themselves down at least once for another and questioned their personality or sanity. 

Honestly, I live for the eccentricity of the world, the quirks that people possess and that a lot aren't afraid to show. Please, baffle my mind with bizarre questions, make me question the norm, because I'm not so sure what normal even is anymore. People admire the characters on paper or in film, but only as a fictional being or soul, that to them have no place in our surprising world. When in some sense, we are the characters we create, or wish to be. 

you see,

I will always let my thoughts roam free, I'll dress for my likes and mood, I'll feel then express. I'm going to share my favourite philosophies and mantras, praise certain cliches, where you'll eye roll over such passion. There'll be days where I live in a child's storybook, fantasising over the fairy styles, myths and legends we all grew up hearing. One day I may jet off, perhaps to study art abroad, with income not being a factor in anything, or perhaps to drink wine in France, or mingle in Italy. I'll never strive for a perfectly dusted path, or neatness, I like the mess. Life is messy, I want to embrace it. 

I'm ok with people thinking I'm strange, let them talk about that in sly whispers to others, I like who I am, the way my mind works. If that's ok with me, then that's all that matters. 

"stop dulling yourself down for people who cannot handle your edge"
- k. azizian 

with love, Kat