the outfit

dress & last season boots from Zara 

I must confess that I am the ultimate obstacle in which I let hold me back. This is never something I like to admit, in fact it's taken me a hell of a long time to even accept it, because with all the opportunities that have come my way, whether for business or pleasure, why would I single-handley want to be the reason why I didn't grab them and go for it? I can assure you I most definitely don't want to be. 

It's easy to fall into a cycle of excuses and self pity, where eventually you are so blind to something that you can slowly change and improve upon. I do cut myself some slack at times, because being anxiety ridden is absolute torment and is a journey at it's own pace gaining back your confidence and social skills. However sometimes the situation is actually so simple, all it takes is doing it just once, taking the first step, having just a one-time batch of nerves, that wouldn't be there the next. It's my own anticipation that assumes the worst, my train of over-thoughts that create worries and scenarios that are completely unpredictable, but I'll believe them.

one day or day one

Some words really do struck a cord with us, which is why I absolutely love reading & writing, this is one that has inspired this post and reminded me just how loosely we always throw around, "oh one day this'll happen", "oh I'd love to do that, maybe one day!", it's so easy to simply say it and then not act upon it. It won't just happen, not unless you're pro-active about it, not unless you take risks, until you endure a night of sweat and day of nerves; you won't know your own strengths until you try. 

Day one, will start when you start. It won't always be a pleasant experience, some things are going to go appallingly wrong, some days the memory of it will give you a chill, but the majority of the time, whether it's gone right or wrong, you'll only feel positive and glad that you took a chance, that you put yourself out there, that you didn't hold yourself back. Doubt will kill our dreams more than anything, there's no use constantly thinking of all that could go wrong, because we all know it could, the possibility of disappointment and failure lingers within anything we attempt, it's best to think of what could go right, it'll fuel your determination so much more, your optimism will shine bright. 

with love, Kat