ivory crop knit jumper from Missguided 


keeping my skin clean and blemish free with the body shops tea tree mattifying toner, then moisturising to ensure it doesn't get dry in the colder months. 

for my minimal makeup once again i've got on my bARE MINERALS POWDER, L'OREAL BROW GEL POMADE & eveline cosmetics mascara

So many people are very quick to assume and put a label on the type of person you are, their quick judgement then determines their behaviour around you and any chances of civility and friendship then onwards. I wish people would give more of a chance to let people blossom into who they really are, as not everyone is there behind just one wall, but several. Granted, it isn't always as a positive thing, we've all had unsuccessful encounters, stark realisations and bumped heads with another because the two of you couldn't be more different, even so you have to give it a try and see what will come; play it safe and miss someone special, or take the risk and be rewarded with someone new. 

Sometimes you have to put your hands up and say if that person isn't going to try and look a little deeper, then they aren't worth it, but other times it goes both ways, you have to invite them in that little more, pull them out, make a second attempt of effort, because they may not realise they have to in order to see a more honest version of yourself. It's all down to choice and your own gut judgement of what's worth pursuing.

How many of us are shy, quiet and awkward at first when sat with a few people we're not too close with, or hardly know at all? You and I both. It's a horrible feeling, because you're conflicted, worrying about what they'll think of you when you speak or let loose, yet we're also sat over-thinking in silence, then worrying how they'll think of us for just that. Oh it's a cruel cycle, but with the right people eventually all is at ease and a friendship blooms.

I think it's worth remembering, in hope it brings some comfort to the anxieties and nerves you feel regarding letting people in and attempting new friendships, that you are not going to be everyones cup of tea. "You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there's still going to be somebody who hates peaches." - Dita Von Teese. It's true. It's a frustrating thought, when you've really tried, you've put yourself out there which is always daunting and sometimes a big struggle for some of us, but hey can you honestly say you've liked every person you've met, that you've become chums with each person that have introduced themselves to you?

with love, Kat