what I'm wearing

brown checked blazer from zara, vintage look mid rise jeans from hollister, primark sweater & michael kors necklace

It's 19:30 and feels paralysingly cold, as the bright white lights of motorists whisk pass my dear friend and I, safely sheltered in her car on the side of the road. Before heading home, we chatted some more, as usual laughs were thrown, music played and the conversation progressed deeper as the outside world drowned out.

"Do you ever see someone living their lives, doing something you'd love to do but think, that's for them not you?"

Oh yes.

I, myself, admittedly went on to say I've, for a long time, not felt worthy of the things I want in life; I have a knack for not believing I'm good enough and have it stuck in my head someone will always be better. I think until it happens for us, before we get there, it will never feel real or possible, doubt for some of us will always be stronger. It's so easy to get caught up in another persons life as an outsider, it's easier to dream, to live vicariously through them, but that'll never get us closer to our where we hope to be. There's a fine line between a constant daydream, the kind you get lost in for hours before shaking it off and a dream that's in action.

You're never going to know if that life is for you unless you take the first step; you also have to remember that even if you seemingly have the 'same life' as someone, a similar career or lifestyle, it doesn't mean you both will experience it the same way, not one bit. We should never discourage ourselves from working towards something just because another has already reached where we'd like to be; the world wasn't made just for men, there is not just one face behind a career & no journey is the same regardless of the destination. If you want something, it's simple, go and get it, work for it, figure it out, there's always a way; have a little faith & never lose hope, this world is yours to make a life in.

with love, Kat