what i'm wearing

bespoke italian oversized mens coat, from dad's closet and a lace insert floral jumpsuit from zara

The dry, raspy air; the heat smouldering on your tender skin, oh how I long for the prolonged Summers days. I hope for a few escapes here and there, but mainly the modest walks through the dry grassed woods, as you listen to the sounds of the season play. It's the small sensations that make the months magic, the memories treasured and never forgotten, I suppose day by day I'm trying to find something quaint but then make it extraordinary, appreciating it through another perspective. With colder weeks, harsh news and difficult realities, we need a fairytale now and then, a hug, a bashful grin for when it all goes right.

We should be striving to create an atmosphere to suit us currently, than waste our sighs for the months to come; so I'm going to enjoy the brisk mornings for little longer, open the curtains wide to ensure enough light to inspire and chase all the events and opportunities happening now. I want to chase all that's good this very present, I don't want to sulk and wait, I don't want to constantly plaster it in my mind that life can only be good in the heat of Summer, as dreamy as it can be.

"never allow waiting to become a habit. live your dreams and take risks. life is happening now."

Look for the beauty, be the fun and appreciate the shy winter sun.

with love, Kat