what i'm wearing

yellow blazer and trousers from zara & basic black tee

going at your own pace

I struggle with the guilt of not being ahead where others are thriving, for not being on a super fast track to success, for not constantly going out being a perky social butterfly week after week; the rush of it all it exhausts me a little but drains me fully. I have a wonderful thirst for ambition, it's not something I lack, I'm always inspired and driven, yet it's simply too easy to feel distressingly behind in the playground of accomplishment. There isn't a timeline, there's no destined age in which your success will only then matter at, time is vague, it's unique and we have a lack of it. Some people fall in love young, others multiple times and some find it right at the end of their lives, it doesn't matter when you find that person, to be loved is a blessing enough no matter when. You don't have to find your passion right now, especially if it isn't evident what that is to you yet, you don't have to buy a house in the near future, it's more than ok to just rent and spill your savings on travelling - just as it's ok to also do the opposite and save to buy; any way is ok, as long as it's at your own pace and you're just doing you.

I don't want to feel confined by structure that doesn't fit the flow in which I believe my life should be unravelling to, I don't want to be accepted just by climbing up societies dated old steps in which we're supposed to be taking from the second we leave school. Some days I want to take it slow, even when everything moves fast around me, other times I want to set off at high-speed and get messy, have days on end filled with spontaneity and excitement, till I crash into white sheets and black out. I want to do it all, I will do it all, without the comparison or worry of the timescale and ideal of others. It's our life, it's our time.

with love, Kat