what i'm wearing

bespoke italian coat (been in the family for years), black max mara trousers, jack wills cross body bag, mango belt & moschino scarf.

You know the feeling... the one that overcomes you whilst wearing tinted sunglasses that give off a warm apricot glow; you feel like you're in the right place, those few moments are slow like a summers afternoon, it's almost as though it's worthy of a theme song playing in the background - you know in the movies, the car scenes? Just like that. They're kind of empowering, kind of silly but we love them nonetheless. I live for those moments, I really do; I feel they're a beautiful and touching sentiment of the simple warmth life can make you feel in even the most ordinary circumstance, which is something we all need from time to time.

I've struggled lately falling into an overdrive of worrying, most of the time over nothing but things in quiet spaces of my mind that I've created. It's an unhealthy habit that's left me with sleepless nights and stressed out dreams; particularly today, I've woken up heavy, like a cloud hovers tediously over my head. I'm tiring myself out, but I'm trying to listen to my body, to therefore make changes; practicing gratitude which I've written about before, less caffeine, I know it sounds ridiculous to cut out something that should be holding me up and steady, but it's too forced, if I'm tired, I'm tired and most likely just need a fuck load of uninterrupted sleep, water and vitamins.

In our recent conversation, my friend I admitted to feeling, that even though everything is going slowly in the right direction and all is well, we feel we're in the wrong place, the setting, our surroundings; it's as though we've been rammed into an overcrowded elevator and we just want to get the hell out and take the stairs. It was no question that it's something that may be suffocating me and contributing to the mess in which I feel, but it's ok because now that I've acknowledged it, perhaps I can get out.

So you see, I've not felt the warm hug of a moment for a while, but I want too, I need to, it's like that little bit of magic I need to provoke a shift that'll tickle my energy and faith. One mistake I'll not make is staying in and waiting for it, I'll spark it by getting out, creating, talking and walking; anything but staying in a room alone with space in my mind to unnecessarily fill.

with love, Kat