what i'm wearing

missguided button up crop top & tan belted skirt from topshop

Granted, in some situations we do have to be somewhat prepared in anticipation for what's to come; it's good to have savings, to book ahead and just generally having a very rough idea of the ladders we're climbing. 

But please, don't ask me where I'm going to be next year; I don't know. Better yet, I don't actually want to know.

Most days I can barely get organised in choosing what task to tackle first, ok perhaps an indulgent hot cup of coffee is always the top priority, the rest I stumble through here and there, eventually, hopefully, once my shit is a little more together, it's all done. For years all I wanted was to feel levelled and calm, just ok; rather than carrying a suitcase filled with overwhelmed emotions and thoughts everywhere I went. I'm happy knowing I have right now and hopefully tomorrow, that's enough for me. The less I pinpoint future dates of when I would have ideally liked to moved aboard to Barcelona, or launched an ethical business, actually gives me the comfort of more time. Just as not thinking ahead when unnecessary will also allow me to say yes more, to dive right in without worry. 

I'm swiftly happy with where I am right now, I feel refreshed waking up in the mornings, rarely with dread, things are moving, perhaps a little slowly, but as long as they're not going backwards or stuck, I think that's good enough. There's always something to laugh about, to smile at and someone to do such with. Things are good, I'm good; my camera, words, coffee, studio and I. All good. 

with love, Kat